Our Review Process

Our Mission

Our name “Let’s Do Beauty” comes from Top Health & Beauty Experts who came together to provide the very best of high-value, quality-driven content that addresses every individual’s health and beauty concern. Our rigorous review screening process identifies products in these domains and handpicks only tested and trusted products that have gone through our two-tier testing process, and have passed our expert reviewers carefully-selected recommendations.

We’re committed to providing you only the very best from skincare, beauty, and hair care products. Of the hundreds of these products that we get from retailers each month, typically fewer than 5% are accepted. We are committed to providing you with extremely helpful and immensely valuable content to help you save time sorting through all of these compounding products and find the ones that specifically and efficiently address your health and skincare needs.

Our Commitment

To maintain the high-quality standards that our company, “Let’s Do Beauty” is known for. Our team includes a health consultant, a board-certified dermatologist, and two top beauty Industry experts to help you sieve through the countless products on the market, and guide you to finding what works for you.

Let’s Do Beauty is committed to providing you our readers with the expertise of our professionals in helping you navigate the complexities of finding effective products that work for you. We have established a proven system over the years that passes through a double-tiered verification system that’s very effective in selecting only the very best tested products that have gone through our team of testers, our user’s input, and a final recommendation by our experts.

We’re cognizant of the fact that all too many websites contain false and unfounded reviews that compromise the trust of users. We stand out because of our highly-efficient user-tested, facts-based verification system. This system and tools help us in our online verification and evaluation process, which has been tested and proven to be highly effective, and in turn, makes maintaining our high-level product recommendation relevance and dependability one that everyone can trust.

We appreciate the confidence you have bestowed on us, and we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to surpass your expectations. Our diverse readers and our highly-experienced team of product testers may be viewed as the “unseen heroes”, but our success relies greatly upon, not just our commitment to teamwork, but also the contribution of these high-performing heroes, and each and every member of the “Let’s Do Beauty” brand.

The Review Process

Our reviews are quite the process. Each week the team selects relevant health and beauty concerns based on search trends, news reports, health and beauty researches, and our reader feedback. One thing that stands out with Let’s Do Beauty is do not rely solely on search engine rankings, but we look at the bigger picture to ensure that every single detail is considered before our selection process moves to the next phase.

Next, the team members proceed with compiling the initial list of the top items and match them to their respective categories. In this first phase, no stone is left unturned to ensure we do not miss out on the often-ignored little details that count. Then, we proceed with the intensive and rigorous research process. Our reviewers then go through the list again for the second phase to cut down the list to the best of the 5% of our total product recommendations.

Finally, the products that have made it to past the two-tier elimination system are then ranked according to the stipulated criteria set by our experts. These criteria go beyond popularity and pricing. We understand that skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne and dry skin can be challenging in many respects, and as such, we have made a top priority. When we have finally gone through these preparatory phases, our team creates the articles and our chief- editors go through them to ensure it meets our quality standards, which are thereafter sent out to our editors for publication.

Once the products are confirmed for each topic, the team members create the articles and the editors polish the final product for publication.

Our Business Model

“Let’s Do Beauty” business model is based on helping you, the reader, to navigate through the complexities of the health and beauty niches out there, and provide you a simplified and relevant and trusted expert product reviews to help resolve your health and beauty concerns. We understand that if our reviews help you in finding the best product for your needs, you’ll be back again, this time with a friend or two.

It is our hope that we can help beat the challenges that health and beauty concerns such as weight loss, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and thinning hair can cause. We do have to add that when you click on the link to purchase a product we reviewed, we may receive a small commission from our business partners and affiliates. The percentage averages from 4 to 10 % per sale.

We do this for the love of helping our unrelenting and supportive readers, the community, and our friends. Although, the commissions help in funding our website and keep us caffeinated. Again, we appreciate your support, and it is our utmost hope that you come back often to see the latest in health, skincare, beauty, for you and you are your loved one at LetsDoBeauty.com.